Data is Beautiful: Analysis of Bank Standing Equipment

An analysis of 20,000 players and their bank standing equipment

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This post discusses an analysis of the equipment of 20,000 Old School RuneScape players who were bank standing at the Grand Exchange. If you are interested in the method used to gather and analyze this data, check out my post entitled Watercooler: Player Scraper - A RuneLite Plugin to Dump Player Equipment. The data analysis was performed and a short and sweet infographic produced that summarized some of the interesting findings.

Bank Standing Infographic - An analysis of 20,000 players and their bank standing equipment.

The infographic really speaks for itself. It outlines a collection of interesting information such as the most common items, a summary of equipped item wealth and most common equipment in each item slot. However, if you want to read more about the analyzed data and the analysis results please read on!


Data Set Summary

It is probably important to start with a summary of the data that was collected and analyzed. As I have mentioned, the data set includes the equipment items worn by exactly 20,000 Old School RuneScape bank standers at the Grand Exchange. The players were analyzed from a variety of different sources including:

  1. World type: Free to play and Members worlds
  2. World location: British, Germany, American and Australian worlds
  3. World restriction: All restricted worlds used (apart from 2200 worlds… still a pleb in 2018)

Equipment Slots Available

The dataset only includes specific equipment slots - this is due to a limitation of the RuneLite client being unable to process certain equipment slots. I am unsure exactly why this is the case - but have an idea that equipment slots that are not visible in-game are also not available. The unavailable equipment slots are:

  1. Ammunition
  2. Ring

Nevertheless, all other equipment slots are available including:

  1. Amulet
  2. Boots
  3. Cape
  4. Hands
  5. Head
  6. Legs
  7. Shield
  8. Torso
  9. Weapon

Please note that the naming convention outlined above is taken directly from the RuneLite KitType enumerator, and these naming conventions are used throughout this post.

Player Combat Summary

Player combat level was something that I was really interested in when analyzing the data. The graph below shows the distribution of the player combat level of the 20,000 players analyzed. Basically, the graph shows the count of the number of players at each combat level.

Bank Standing Stats - Bar graph showing the distribution of players combat levels.

As you can see, the data set has a variety of players with varying combat levels. There is an overall trend seen with the gradual increase in the count of players at each combat level. However, once you reach around combat level 120 or so, there is a great increase in the player count for each of these levels. This is probably caused by a large number of dedicated (!) players that have max, or nearly max, combat stats. In addition, there is a large number of level 3 combat accounts, which are most likely bots, or maybe pure skillers!

Analysis of Player Items

One of the most interesting stats I wanted to look at in the data set was the most popular items that were worn in each equipment slot. Some were surprising, some not so surprising. If you took the most commonly occurring items from each equipment slot, your bank standing character would look like the flashy guy below…

Your average bank stander!

Pictures are great… but what about the stats! I analyzed the data further and determined the most common five (5) items for each equipment slot. The results included in the tables below provide the item name, the inventory icon of the item, the total count of time that the item was witnessed and finally, a percentage that the item was witnessed out of the 20,000 players analyzed.

Head slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Graceful hood 1342 6.71
Helm of neitiznot 735 3.675
Slayer helmet (i) 636 3.18
Rune full helm 345 1.725
Snakeskin bandana 336 1.68

Cape slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Ava’s accumulator 1834 9.17
Fire cape 1444 7.22
Graceful cape 1254 6.27
Obsidian cape 892 4.46
Ava’s assembler 315 1.575

Amulet slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Amulet of fury 2109 10.545
Amulet of glory(3) 636 3.18
Amulet of glory(4) 617 3.085
Amulet of glory 613 3.065
Amulet of torture 606 3.03

Weapon slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Staff of fire 1439 7.195
Abyssal whip 675 3.375
Toxic blowpipe 648 3.24
Rune crossbow 647 3.235
Rune scimitar 521 2.605

Torso slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Graceful top 1363 6.815
Black d’hide body 875 4.375
Fighter torso 415 2.075
Bandos chestplate 397 1.985
Void knight top 362 1.81

Shield slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Dragon defender 1389 6.945
Anti-dragon shield 508 2.54
Unholy book 414 2.07
Rune kiteshield 382 1.91
Tome of fire 261 1.305

Legs slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Graceful legs 1413 7.065
Black d’hide chaps 1171 5.855
Dragon platelegs 486 2.43
Rune platelegs 485 2.425
Bandos tassets 474 2.37

Hands slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Barrows gloves 1795 8.975
Graceful gloves 1306 6.53
Void knight gloves 582 2.91
Black d’hide vamb 422 2.11
Bracelet of ethereum 373 1.865

Boots slot

Item Image Count Percentage
Dragon boots 1534 7.67
Graceful boots 1157 5.785
Snakeskin boots 909 4.545
Leather boots 724 3.62
Boots of lightness 680 3.4

Analysis of Item Wealth

Another aspect of the data that was interesting was how much wealth was witnessed in the 20,000 players. When adding together all of the items for each player and performing an item Grand Exchange price lookup using the OSBuddy GE prices, there was a grand total wealth of 228,028,700,715 gold coins! That’s over 228 billion gold coins. However, this does not include any un-tradeable items, as they have no GE price.

228 billion gold coins!

If you divide the total wealth by the number of players analyzed, each player had an average wealth of 11,401,435… That’s almost 11 million gold coins of item wealth per player! Alas! The truth is not such a beautiful fairytale… If you take the top 1% of all players (that is 200 players), they have an approximate total wealth of 110 billion. That is just less than 50% of the complete wealth of 20,000 players!

Based on the current OSBuddy GE prices, the top 5 wealthies players were:

The major stats regarding item wealth are listed below:

  1. Total player item wealth: 228 billion
  2. Top 200 players item wealth: 110 billion
  3. Average player wealth: 11 million


Writing this post was a pretty fun journey for me… I hope that you found it an interesting and informative read. If there is something you think I should have included in my analysis, please leave me a comment below - I am happy to look further into the data. Also, please feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

It might be interesting to perform this same analysis in a year or two, to see how the economy or player base has changed. It might also be interesting to perform a similar analysis but in a different environment. For example, analysis of slayer equipment. Of course, it would be difficult to get the same amount of data (players). Until next time, happy scaping everyone!


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